Evil Real Estate Inspector Wanted

The seller of a home one of our buyers bought was quite upset with the inspector our buyer used. They thought he was too hard on the property – too nitpicky. As sellers are inclined to think, the home was – in their mind – in perfect condition, but the inspection revealed otherwsie, which resulted in buyer demands that cost the seller money to cure. The seller was angry that items on our buyer’s inspection were not noted on the inspection they obtained when purchasing the home a few years prior. I told them that was between them and their previous inspector, and that my buyer was giving no weight at all to the fact that these items were not noted by the inspector used when the seller purchased the home. The sellers had some choice words about our inspector (I was dealing with the seller directly on this deal, since they had one of those “Discount Brokers” who was absent from the deal – but that’s a story for another day). It all got worked out though and everyone was happy.

A few weeks later I got a call. It was that seller, asking for the name and phone number of the evil inspector. They wanted to use him to have their new house checked out. I resisted the temptation to offer commentary at that time (but what about that ‘reasonable’ inspector you used last time?), and simply gave the name and number. Funny though, when you want to make sure the house you’re buying is in good shape, who do you want to call?… the same evil inspector you hated when it was your home being inspected for your buyer.

Posted by Steve
10 years ago

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