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Adjusting to a Crazy Austin Real Estate Market May 2012

House Sold Sign Photo

I just did something for which I am, on one level, ashamed. I entered a sales listing into the Austin MLS that is not properly cleaned, prepared, staged or photographed. The yard isn’t groomed. The photos are crappy 4-year-old rental listing photos I took when I started managing the property for the owner. The tenants moved out Monday, and it’s now live in the Austin MLS in tenant “move-out dirty” condition.

Have I gone mad? Perhaps.

I called the owner today and simply said, “look, this may sound crazy, but I think we should go on the market right away, without delay, and not spend any of the $2,000-$3,000 budget I told you to be ready to spend on yard grooming, landscaping, repainting the interior, preventative maintenance, repairs, etc., because I have a feeling the house may just sell as-is really quickly without doing any of that”.

Then I confessed that this advice goes against every grain of professionalism I have. We always fully prepare our listings before placing on the market. I curse and ridicule listing agents who don’t. It’s an embarrassment to show an unprepared listing to buyers. Yet, I just entered one.

After clicking “submit”, a full 3 minutes elapsed before the first Realtor called to ask about it. 3 minutes.

The final outcome of this experiment will determine whether I’m smart or just overconfident. But let me put into context the events that led up to this decision.

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Posted by Steve
4 years ago