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Austin Home Sales Breakdown by MLS Area – Jan-Sep 2010

Austin MLS Map

Below is the breakdown of YTD home sales in Austin (Jan-Sep 2010) by MLS area. Of the 48 Austin MLS areas reported below, 18 are up from a year ago, 14 are down, and 16 are mixed. By “up” I mean all three metrics of average sold price, median sold price, and avergage price per square foot increased. By “down”, all 3 decrease. Mixed means there was at least 1 metric moving in a different direction from the other two.

Of the 18 Areas that are “up”, only 8 are up more than the 4.16% MLS-wide increase. This means that the average sold price increase of 4.16% was caused by only 8 individual MLS areas in Austin (areas 1N, 8W, BA, CC, EL, LN, N, and SWE). The rest of the MLS areas were either up less than 4.16% or were down.

It’s a pretty big chart covering the first three quarters of 2010. If you’re not sure where all the MLS areas are, and Austin MLS map is at the bottom, below the chart.

As usual, observations, comments and opinions are welcome.

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Posted by Steve
7 years ago