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Austin Economic Forecast for 2009/2010

I’ll be attending the Angelou Economics Austin Economic Forecast today, hosted by the Oak Hill Business and Professional Association. This is a rerun of the presentation presented earlier in the year (but which costs $270 to attend). The power points and information are posted up on the Angelou website, but I always appreciate the question and answer dialog that occurs at the live presentation.

Most interesting for me, and I think others who attend each year, is the perspective gained on how well Austin really is doing relative to just about anywhere else in the country. Yes, our real estate market has slowed down, though mostly in the upper price ranges. Yes, unemployment has risen, though still lower than Texas or the Nation. Yes, there have been layoffs, though job growth remains slightly positive and will improve again in 2010. But compared to any place else in the U.S., Austin is chugging along very well. Check the links below for the data.
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Posted by Steve
8 years ago