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Fussy garage door reminds me I’m not young anymore

backpain-main_FullOur garage doors have been acting up at home. Sometimes they won’t close but instead do that blinking light thing, even though there is nothing obstructing the safety beam. When this happened to me today, I had to walk into the garage, hold the wall button down so the door would close all the way, and open up the other door on Sylvia’s side of the garage.

We have a three car garage and her door is on the far side. Between her door and me was a small pile of junk and rubble being collected for a trip to the dump. I simply needed to press Sylvia’s door button and run out before it closed. Thus, I pressed the button, jogged briskly toward daylight, leaped the pile of rubble, made a hard left and headed out while leaning down to clear the descending door and simultaneously performing two high steps over the safety beam so as not to trigger the reversal of the door and a do over.

I emerged successfully onto my driveway, letting out a loud holler as I stood back up straight and felt something very painful course through my lower back. I don’t know what I tweaked, but it really hurt. And it kept hurting for several hours. I seem to be ok now, but we’ll see what’s going on when I wake up in the morning.

I guess this is how it goes for those of us in our mid forties. I don’t feel old in mind or spirit, but my body can’t handle even the aforementioned test of dexterity and quickness without revolting in defiance. Maybe next time I need to do the garage door hurdle/sprint, I’ll just go around and out the front door instead.

Posted by Steve
8 years ago