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Do Real Estate Conventions Make Better Realtors?

Keller Williams Family ReunionI’ll be travelling to the Keller Williams “Family Reunion” convention for 5 days in Orlando later this month. Sylvia and I have attended the Family Reunion together every year since joining Keller Williams in 2005, and we also attend the yearly “Mega Agent Camp” held here in Austin. Sylvia is staying home this year due to scheduling conflicts, so I’ll be flying solo and taking good notes to bring back home, and some new ideas to implememt in our business.

Are these real estate conventions worth the time and expense? All totaled, I’ll drop about $1,200 to $1,500 on this trip, plus lost productivity while I’m away, ¬†plus the torture of airline travel, hotel stay, and lugging around the “convention bag” full of trade show stuff, goodies and the notes and handouts that are accumulated each day during classes and workshops. And, finally, when I get back home, I’ll have to work hard to get caught up. Is it worth it? Maybe a vacation would be better.¬†

Yes, it is worth it. You couldn’t pay me to not go. Here are some internal stats from Keller Williams:

Agents who attended the 2008 Family Reunion convention …

  • Took twice the number of listings in 2008 as KW agents who did not attend.
  • Sold 81% more houses.
  • Closed 47% more buyers
  • Completed 61% more transactions than agents who did not attend.

Attendees who attended BOTH the 2007 and 2008 Keller Williams Family Reunion convention…

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Posted by Steve
9 years ago