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Trends in Appliance Colors – Is Stainless Out?

stainless steel appliances


Our dishwasher needs replacing. It is old and worn out and as I am choosing appliances, it seems stainless steel is still the color of choice. What is the next big color in appliances? … I wonder?

I Googled this and came up with a few answers, but nothing that seems to dominate the stainless steel.

It seems people like the sleek, industrial look of the stainless steel “like you are in a commercial kitchen”. One of the best articles I read on the subject was “After Stainless What Now” by Ellen Byron of the Wall Street Journal.

What do the manufacturers say about a demand for new colors: 

Whirlpool is rolling out a “new” color which it calls “Ice white”. Wow, that is creative! “White is the new stainless” Whirlpool says.

Meanwhile, General Electric has unveiled a new color in their microwaves, refrigerators and dishwashers in muted gray tones called “slate”. They believe this will appeal to “cost conscious” consumers because it will still blend with the stainless steel colors.

Miele is about to introduce some high glossy tones in the near future. They are keeping quiet about what it is going to be, but watch carefully, maybe we will see something more exciting coming from them.

Even while there are several colors and tones said to be on the horizon, many manufacturers say that 80% of their sales are still stainless steel.

So as I review all this information, I still decide to order that new KitchenAid stainless steel dishwasher.

Posted by Sylvia
5 years ago