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Black Friday for the Crossland Team

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Sylvia at our Whiteboard - No Pending Closings at top. Yikes!

Yesterday was not a good day for the Crossland Team. In our office Sylvia and I have a whiteboard mounted on the wall where we write our listings and our pending closings. After yesterday’s closing, we have no more pending sales written on our board.

We have listings, but the showings are slow and we have no offers in the works and nobody threatening to write an offer on any of our listings.

We were discussing this morning when the last time might have been that we didn’t have at least one closing on the board, and we just don’t remember. But it must have been 2005 when we returned to the business after selling our former real estate company and then taking a hiatus/sabbatical. Since we’ve averaged 3 to 5 closings a month, there is always something up there on the board waiting to close. But not since yesterday – our “black Friday”.

What does this mean?
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Posted by Steve
9 years ago