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RealManage HOA Management Delivers Poor Customer Service

Occassionally I like to use my blog as a bully pulpit. I’m especially grateful that Google likes our blog and thus pushes blog articles that contain company names and keywords to the front page of search results, such as when we became the Number 1 search result for searches for a mortgage company name after that mortgage company ripped off one of our buyers.

Well, now RealManage HOA Management chapped me by demonstrating such incompetence and poor service that I feel compelled to tell the world about it. There are a couple of issues I’m dealing with. Poor billing practices is one, and my inability to obtain a pool key for my tenant is the other.

At present, all I need is a pool card for my tenant at a property in Olympic Heights for which RealManage HOA Management is the HOA management company in Austin. Sounds pretty simple, huh? Probably just need to fill out a form, maybe pay a deposit, and get a key. That’s how it works with other HOA companies. It’s often something that can even be accomplished the same day with a trip to a local office by the tenant. Not with RealManage.

I sent the following email to their customer service department on July 13th, 2009.

I manage the home at {property address}. What do I need to do to get a pool card for my tenants, or do they do it directly with you?

The next day came a response.

“Thank you for contacting RealManage regarding a pool key. You will need to fill out a “Pool Waiver” form to obtain a pool key. For your convenience, I’ve attached a copy of the Waiver to this email. When you have completed and signed the form, you can fax it or email it to us as indicated below.”

The waiver was completed, sign by my tenant and me, and returned to RealManage for processing. Then a few weeks passed. On Aug 6th I sent the following:

“Can you inform me of the status of the pool cards for my tenants?”

And then the conversation continues in the following bizarre exchange:
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Posted by Steve
9 years ago