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Seller Should Pay at Least Token Repair Amount

Photo of home repair

We recently had a transaction where the seller refused to negotiate any repair adjustments. None at all. This is actually not completely unusual, but most of our buyers do receive at least a small amount to offset repair and condition issues that were revealed by the inspection and not disclosed on the Seller’s Disclosure form.

But on this particular transaction, the buyer received a favorable contract price. The seller felt that the home was a good deal as-is at the contract price and was unwilling to offer anything else. Buyer was ok with that, so no problem.

But then the listing agent wanted to buyer to go ahead and terminate the Option Period in writing. Buyer had no motivation to do so and didn’t want to give up that right, so the seller and agent ended up having to fret and worry (needlessly) for an additional 5 days. This could have been avoided if the seller and agent had been willing to give up at least a token amount toward repairs. Here’s why.
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Posted by Steve
6 years ago