Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for your Austin Home

NOTE: Effective May 30, 2014, We are no longer able to offer our FREE CMA service for tax protest purposes due to more requests than we can handle.

If you are a current or past sales or property management/leasing client we can still accommodate your request, but are no longer able to do so for non-clients. Check with your local neighborhood Realtor, most of whom will run a quick CMA for you to help establish value. If you need actual tax protest help, try one of the tax protest companies which can be found by Googling “tax protest service austin”.

Welcome to our Free CMA Service. This service allows you to request a free basic market analysis for your Austin-area home or duplex. Please note that since we will not be visiting your home (unless you are contemplating listing it for sale with us), this market analysis will be what we call a “Quick-CMA”, which is a general sales price comparison of homes like yours that have sold recently. It is not a appraisal.

Your home cannot currently be listed for sale or under contract, and you must be the legal owner shown in the tax records.