Always Have Your New Builder Home Inspected, Always!

This morning I met with the Buyer’s inspector and Builder’s rep at a new home being purchased by one of my out of state buyers. I strongly believe that it’s always a good idea to have your new builder home inspected before closing, and I would never let one of my buyers make the mistake of simply trusting the new home builder to deliver a properly built home.

Today’s inspection for my Buyer did not turn up any show stoppers, but did reveal numerous items that no buyer would choose to ignore – such as nail pops in one section of the roof, low water pressure, and various other minor but important conditions that are easily fixed once identified, but which could have caused potentially serious and expensive problems down the road if left unchecked.

The builder did not protest any of the repair items and was very accommodating and cordial with the inspector. All said, it was a favorable inspection and a well built home. But the inspection did reveal the sort of loose ends you expect when building a new home, and it’s the Buyer’s responsibility, not the Builder’s, to have a final inspection performed.

Why the grave concern?
For further information, read this article from the July 2005 Texas Monthly magazine. It tells the story.