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Austin Area home sales surge in October

supply and demand

From today’s Austin Statsman Supply is shrinking fast, but price increases remain modest. AMERICAN-STATESMAN Wednesday, November 23, 2005 A third consecutive record year for Central Texas home sales is all but ensured after an unusually strong October in which the number of houses changing hands increased by 27 percent year-over-year. Home sales from January through […]

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The Downside of Living in Austin – Allergies

Bad comes with the good

Its’ official. Austin Allergy season has started for me (and many others in Austin). Austin is considered one of the top “allergy capitals” in the US. There are allergens in the air throughout the year in varying amounts but for Austin and Central Texas, Cedar Fever is the most annoying. I felt great this morning […]

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Austin Home Pricing Analysis

Austin on map

The National Association of Realtors ((NAR) compliled a home price analysis for 130 real estate markets across the U.S. as part of a study into whether or not a nationwide housing bubble exists. Their conclusion? – no bubble exists, and especially not in Austin. About Austin, the report says: “A thorough analysis of the Austin-Round […]

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Austin Population and Growth Forecast

How many realtors does a city need?

I came across some interesting demographic information tonight on the City of Austin website. City of Austin Demographics are changing and the City of Austin site provides a lot of info worth checking out, with predictions about where new growth will happen for the remainder of this decade. Check out the link to Population and […]

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California firm invests $57M in Southeast Austin

House made of Money

The article below from the Austin Business Journal talks about Industrial real estate. The reason I am posting it here is once again it contains quotes and information that are wonderful to hear for those of us in the Austin Real Estate business who have slogged through the recent slack years.

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