Austin Home Pricing Analysis

Austin on map

The National Association of Realtors ((NAR) compliled a home price analysis for 130 real estate markets across the U.S. as part of a study into whether or not a nationwide housing bubble exists. Their conclusion? – no bubble exists, and especially not in Austin.

About Austin, the report says:

“A thorough analysis of the Austin-Round Rock metro market, as detailed below, reveals that there is very little danger of this (housing bubble). In fact, the local housing market is in good shape with a potential for significant housing equity gains, particularly for homebuyers who plan to remain in their house for the long run.

The Austin market has very favorable home price-to-income ratio and even better mortgage servicing cost-to-income ratio. The latter ratio is currently below the local historical average. It implies no widespread financial overstretching to purchase a home in the region. Any respectable gains in the local job market will translate into substantial home price gains.”

Add this to the pile of material and evidence suggesting a very favorable outlook for Austin Real Estate in coming years.
Download the full report here or visit the NAR site to see all reports at

Posted by Steve
13 years ago

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