The Downside of Living in Austin – Allergies

Its’ official. Austin Allergy season has started for me (and many others in Austin). Austin is considered one of the top “allergy capitals” in the US. There are allergens in the air throughout the year in varying amounts but for Austin and Central Texas, Cedar Fever is the most annoying.

I felt great this morning – clear head, breathing fine, no allergy symptoms whatsoever, then it came out of nowhere … the 12-sneeze allergy attack. These are powerful sneezes in rapid succession. This happens to me every year around Thanksgiving and represents the offical kickoff of 3 or 4 months of Cedar Fever.

So, in a matter of moments I went from feeling normal to wondering if I am going to make it! Off to the medicine cabinet to get out the Allegra-D and the nasal spray, which will be part of my regular daily routine for the coming months as I try to fend off stuffy nose and red, watery, itchy eyes. A call to my allergy Doctor to re-start my allergy shot visits, and I’m back in Austin Allergy Mode within minutes.

Funny thing is, I lived in Austin for 15 years – from 1985 until about 2000 – before any of this allergy stuff started happening to me. Up until about 5 years ago, I had no allergy problems at all. The allergy Doctor says it’s not uncommon for people to move to Austin, have no allergy symptoms for years, then suddenly it kicks in, seemingly overnight.

So, Austin makes the Top 10 Best of many lists of places to live, but as far as allergies go, we are in the Top 10 Worst I’m sure.