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Do Discount Brokers Save Sellers Money?

Do discount brokers save money?

The January 2006 issue of Tierra Grande Magazine features an article that examines two questions: 1) How does limited service representation affect a property’s time on the market and selling price? and 2) Do agent experience and licensing level make a difference? This research sponsored by the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University revealed that limited […]

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2006 Texas Real Estate Outlook

home value

Mark Dotzour, Ph.D., is chief economist and Jim Gaines, Ph.D., is research economist at the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University. Below is their outlook for Texas Real Estate in 2006. You can also read this at The Texas housing market continued to be strong in 2005 just like we thought it would. […]

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Austin TX Home Sales Set Record in 2005

August 2006 Update

The article below is from the Austin Statesman. It outlines the kind of real estate market we are seeing now in Austin. Sylvia and I wrote 9 offers for buyers in the past 8 days. Only 4 were accepted – the rest were kicked out by better offers. An offer we wrote yesterday on a […]

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Average New Home Size Keeps Getting Bigger

Average House Size is Growing

The average U.S. new home built in 2005 reached a record 2412 square feet according to the National Association of Home Builders. I grew up in San Diego California with my Mom and Dad and one brother in a 900 square foot home. It was a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home. We had 1 shower in the […]

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Austin in the Wall Street Journal

austin job growth

Austin Real-Estate Market Rebounds On Steady Population and Job Growth Here is an article from the Wall Street Journal Online. As Austin’s economy has ramped up again, the region’s promising growth and largely down-home property prices have attracted some of the real-estate industry’s biggest guns. The rebound comes after the Texas capital lost about 31,000 […]

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