Married 15 Years Today!

Sylvia and I have been married 15 years today. She woke me early this morning with the tender, romantic words “sweetie, you need to get up and take out the garbage”. And so I did get up and drag the trashcan to the street. Now isn’t that what marriage is all about?!

In 1989 when Sylvia was a leasing agent in Austin, we met through mutual friends. For me, it was love at first sight (but not for her). When she learned I was looking for a place to rent, she told me about a garage apartment she had listed. I liked the place (and her) so I leased it. Meanwhile, the main house was still for rent, so she had a sign in the yard with her name and phone number. Each day as I came and went, I would see her name and phone number there next to my driveway. Finally one day I got the courage to call her.

I called and said “I’ve been thinking about you every day”. She responded with a somewhat halting “Ohhh …” (we barely knew each other still).

I said, “yeah, you know you have this sign next to my driveway with your name and phone number so every time I come and go I see it and think about you. She said “Ohh, I see…”

I then said “I should come put a sign in your yard with my name and phone number so maybe you’ll call and invite me to lunch someday”. She laughed her big giant beautiful laugh, and said “where would we go?”

We became good friends. About 7 months later we started officially dating and 10 months after that we got married. Our two girls are the sweetest kids any parents could hope for and life is great!

2 thoughts on “Married 15 Years Today!”

  1. Happy Anniversary to my good friends and an awesome couple! May you have many more happy years together! Oh, one more thing, I LOVE YOUR GIRLS!!

  2. You two… what a couple…and to think that Sylvia never mentioned a thing in her email communication today with all the attendant duties of inspections and making things work. Love to you both!!!



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