Austin Landscaping

With Fall upon us, this is the perfect time to add some plants to your yard!

At many of the houses I view each week, it is amazing to me how so many do not enjoy the benefit that a small amount of simple and easy landscaping would provide. A few well placed and kindly treated shrubs, trees and grasses really adds to the curb appeal of a home and can also add $$$ to your bottom line when you turn around to sell the home. Landscaping is one of the cheapest ways to add value to your home.

Over the years, Steve and I have owned many homes and twice a year (Spring and Autumn) I add some native trees and flowering plants to the property. I usually spend about $100 to $200 and one or two Sunday afternoons with a shovel. My favorites are the salvia and sage varieties because they are more deer resistant (important where we live) and they flower nicely for a long time. Also, once their roots are established, they don’t need as much water. My salvia flourished this Summer even with the drought in Austin!

Here is a link to my favorite Gardening headquarters in Austin, The Natuaral Gardner in Oak Hill. The employees at Natural Gardner are very good at answering questions and helping you select the right plants and trees for your particular home and garden.

Happy Gardening!