Lousy Weather Brings Austin Neighbors Together

Austin is covered in ice as I type. You’d think weather like this would keep people indoors, but if my neighborhood is any indication, weather below freezing prompts everyone to get out and have a walk!

I walked my youngest daughter around the block to a friend’s house this morning and saw more fellow neighbors out strolling than I ever have in 8 years of living in this neighborhood. I ran into so many neighbors out shuffling through the snow and ice that I wondered if it was “meet the neighbor” day.

Not only did we get out and visit, we stood in the freezing cold air wearing our beanie hats and heavy coats (which get very little use in Austin) chit chatting and watching the kids slide down the icy street on pieces of cardboard. And of course a snowman was made. It was rather enjoyable.
Austin Snowman

“Why don’t we do this on 72 degree spring days?”, I wondered. Why does it take an ice storm to get neighbors out of the house to hang out and talk and play and have fun with all the kids? We know most of our neighbors and are friends with most of them, but we don’t really get out and visit with each other as often as we should. We’re all busy working, going to and from, living busy lives. But there’s nothing like an ice storm to change that … if only for one day.

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