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Austin McMansion Ordinance May Be Undone by TX Leg

This article below is from the Austin Business Journal today. It’s a recurring scenario for Austin, where those who don’t like the local Austin laws or ordinances passed by Austin Lawmakers take their case to the State Legislature and push for laws that supersede or nullify local Austin laws. The Texas Legislature is forbidden by […]

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What Price Constitutes a Luxury Home in Austin?

I was reading the news short posted below, regarding falling Luxury Home prices in California, and noting that the “average” prices of “Luxury Homes” in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego range between $2M and $3M (see article below) What is considered a Luxury Home in Austin? $750,000 and above if you talk to […]

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Why I Like Expensive Plumbers

When it comes to house repairs, nothing is more frustrating than a problem which can’t be remedied. One of our Buyers made a request for the Sellers to “have a licensed Plumber locate and cure leak at Master tub exterior wall as noted on inspection report”. This was a leak that was showing up outside […]

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Austin Real Estate Sales Update – Jan 2007 Stats

The Average Sales Price for single family homes in Austin was up 4.8% from the year before, to $246,595. The number of homes sold sales was down 5.4% from January a year ago, probably due at least in part to freezing weather that shut the city down for several days, and otherwise cold weather in […]

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The Joy of Hauling Junk to the South Austin Dump

I made 3 trips to the South Austin dump today, helping a dear friend clear junk in preparation for a move. It’s one of the obligations of being a truck owner – helping friends with no truck get things done which require a truck. I have a confession to make. I have a charge account […]

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Keller Williams Austin

Last week at the Keller Williams Family Reunion in Las Vegas the Austin Southwest Market Center was again named the Number One Real Estate office in the WORLD for Closed Units! That is for all real estate offices in the WORLD, not just Keller Williams! Sylvia and I are proud to work out of the […]

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