Dr. Mark Dotzour’s 2007 Texas Real Estate Outlook

One of my favorite speakers is Texas A&M Real Estate Center Chief Economist Dr. Mark Dotzour. I missed his annual presentation at the TAR Convention in Austin this year but found a video of it online (see link below). Mr. Dotzour has an easy going and humorous way of relating what is otherwise a boring topic – economics. He rightfully skewers politicians, the lending industry, Fanny Mae, and Wall Street as he informs us of his views of what the Texas real estate market will do in 2007.

In this year’s speech, his enthusiasm for our well performing Texas market (particularly Austin and San Antonio) is somewhat dampened now by worry over whether or not the National cloud of doom might eventually blow over Texas.

See the presentation here. It runs about 20 minutes and is worth watching the entire presentation.