Dear Steiner Ranch Open House Realtor

Dear Steiner Ranch Open House Realtor,

It would be a really, really good idea to make arrangements for the Seller’s barking, growling dog to NOT be left roaming inside the home during your open house. Saying to people “he doesn’t bite” as the dog emits a low guttural growl – and shows teeth – isn’t conducive to a pleasant showing. You may have noticed that as I stood in the kitchen, with the dog barking and growling 3 feet behind me, I slowly turned and headed directly back toward the front door without seeing anymore of the home. The person you were talking to wasn’t watching you and probably wasn’t listening, since he was watching me with a concerned look on his face as I headed out the door.

Don’t bother calling or emailing me to ask for feedback on the home. I don’t remember one single attribute about the home except that I was almost attacked by the dog. But I did have an elevated pulse rate as I drove off. Nice job.

Yours Truly,

Steve Crossland

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