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Austin a Home Flipper’s Market?

This news snippet below is the sort of thing that paints an unrealistic picture for investors who don’t take the time to properly study and analyze what they are getting ready to do. Let’s take a closer look at what the article says… Daily Real Estate News | August 30, 2007 Markets Where a Flipper […]

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Things every Austin real estate buyer should know

We’ve recently started providing an additional form to all of our buyers. It’s a notice provided by the Texas Association of Realtors called “GENERAL INFORMATION AND NOTICE TO A BUYER“. Though I like to keep paperwork simple and minimal, this form is helpful in bringing to the attention of buyers some of the things that […]

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Downtown & UT Tower View From Rooftop!!

This gave me a chuckle this morning. Comments that agents write in listings are often a source of amusement, but I’ve never seen one boasting of the view from the roof. There is not a rooftop deck or anything, just a normal house with a roof. But if you want to get out your ladder […]

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Stevie Ray Vaughan died 17 years ago today

Stevie Ray Vaughan died 17 years ago today. I miss seeing him play in Austin back in the 1980’s. Austin properly honored him and his music with a prominent statue on the shore of Lake Ladybird (formerly Town Lake) on the hike and bike trail downtown. If you ever saw him play live, especially in […]

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Austin Rental Market – July 2007 stats update

The Austin rental market continues to see rising rents. The mortgage problems in the sub-prime mortgage loan market are helping rental markets in all parts of the U.S., as renters who should not be qualified to purchase a home are indeed remaining renters, as they should. Austin has the added benefit of a strong job […]

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