Stevie Ray Vaughan died 17 years ago today

Stevie Ray Vaughan died 17 years ago today. I miss seeing him play in Austin back in the 1980’s. Austin properly honored him and his music with a prominent statue on the shore of Lake Ladybird (formerly Town Lake) on the hike and bike trail downtown.

If you ever saw him play live, especially in a smaller venue, you know that it was something special, and hard to describe. Eric Clapton put it aptly in an interview. He said that Stevie (I’m paraphrasing) “seemed to go into another zone, into a different deminsion, and that the music seemed to be channeling through him from another place, beyond his consciousness”.
That says it pretty well.

YouTube has a lot of old videos of Stevie’s music, plus a loyal following of fans. This one is Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble – Live at the El Mocambo in 1983.

Steve Crossland

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Marco Gonzalez - 12 years ago

Cool youtube video. I didn’t him play in the 80’s but he rocks…

Kathy - 12 years ago

I agree – miss him also. I lived in Austin in the 80s and saw him quite a few times in small venues. Moved back to Michigan but that part of Texas will always remain with me.

Sue - 12 years ago

Just love Live at El Mocombo!

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