Downtown & UT Tower View From Rooftop!!

Rooftop View
This gave me a chuckle this morning. Comments that agents write in listings are often a source of amusement, but I’ve never seen one boasting of the view from the roof. There is not a rooftop deck or anything, just a normal house with a roof. But if you want to get out your ladder and climb up there, you’ll have, according to the comments written by the agent in the listing, a “Downtown & UT Tower View From Rooftop!!” That oughtta get it sold for sure!

I might add this house is about 15 miles from downtown and UT, so I’m not sure how good that view will be once you’re on the roof.

Steve Crossland

Steve is a Real Estate Blogger, UT Austin Grad, Real Estate Broker and owner of Crossland Team and Crossland Real Estate in Austin TX.

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Briggs Christie - 12 years ago

Love it…great find in the vast entertainment section that is the MLS. Take a gander at something similar at

Thanks for the link and yours is a permanent fixture on our blog page.

Aloha and best to you.

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