Conversation with a telemarketer

I received a call from a dishonest telemarketer this afternoon. It went something like this:

Phone rings …
Me: Hello, this is Steve.
TM: Hi Steve, this is Matt from United Providers {or something like that}. I had a note here to call you. How are you doing today?
Me: A note from whom, and in referrence to what? (I’m already suspicious)
TM: Well, I’m not sure. It’s just a note to call you about lowering your home insurance costs.
Me: And you don’t know who the note is from?
TM: Well, it’s here on my desk and just says to call you.
Me: And you’re not sure who put the note on your desk?
TM: I don’t know. Maybe you called, or it could have been an internet inquiry. My boss put the note on my desk.
Me: I didn’t call you and you know that. You’re calling me off a list of some kind, which I’d like to be removed from. Have a good day. Goodbye”.

I like doing business with and associating with smart, honest people. This guy called to try to sell home insurance to me, but began the conversation with a lie. It’s never a good idea to start a business relationship with attempted deception. He lost me with the over-ebulliant “how are you doing today?”

I guess this stuff must work on some people or they wouldn’t be using the “I had a note to call you” line.

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