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Austin Rental Market Update – September 2007

The rental market in Austin remains strong, helped further by the fact that there are in fact some qualified buyers who are electing to rent instead of buy because they fear that there is an Austin Real Estate bubble, and they don’t want to buy into that bubble. I’m not going to go into several […]

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Computer Disasters Less Painful that in Past

Sylvia’s work computer crapped out on us yesterday. It won’t boot. Now it’s in the shop and probably has a bad motherboard. We’ll get it back, if it’s worth repairing, by Saturday or Monday, but it’s really no big deal. Not many years ago, a PC going belly up meant that most productivity came to […]

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Austin Real Estate Sold vs. Expired Comparison

Let’s take a look at the number of Austin Homes that sell versus the number that don’t sell. The graph above shows Sold and Not Sold (Expired or Withdrawn) counts for 2006 and 2007. The dark green bar represents the number of listings sold in 2007, the light green bar represents the number of listings […]

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September Austin home sales drop 22 percent

The real estate slowdown crept up on us, but it’s really here for sure, despite the fact that the headlines say it (see below). Yet prices in Austin keep rising. A buyer a couple of weeks ago told me “I’m going to wait to buy because the bubble in Austin is going to burst soon”. […]

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