Austin Job Market is Great

From today’s Austin business journal is the report below describing Austin’s plentiful job market. Jobs bring more people, which means more renters and buyers.

On a side note, Sylvia and I have been slammed the past two days. After a sluggish October thru December, our phones are ringing off the hooks with buyers and sellers and we’re booked solid through the weekend. It’s almost as if the Austin real estate market has decided to wake up after New Year, and comes blasting out of the gate. The same thing happened the past two years and in fact Feb 2007 was a record month for us in closed deals due to all of the January activity. I was wondering if 2008 would be different, and two days does not forecast a year, but if it is any indication, the Austin market will be picking back up in 2008 after a 6 month breather.

On to the job news…

Need a job? Austin’s got plenty, report says
Austin Business Journal

There’s good news for those looking for work in Austin in 2008.

The Austin area ranked as one of the top metro areas in the nation when it came to online job advertisements in December, according to a report by The Conference Board.

Austin had 5.07 advertised vacancies per 100 people in the local labor force, just below Milwaukee, with 5.31 vacancies per 100 locals, and San Jose, with 5.30 online job ads per 100 people, according to the report.

Nationally, there were 2.3 advertised vacancies online for every 100 people in the work force in December, according to The Conference Board, a nonprofit research organization based in New York that tracks the postings on 1,200 Internet job boards.

Austin also had the highest number of advertised vacancies in relation to the number of unemployed of any metro area in the nation.

A total of 43,200 jobs were advertised on the Internet in December 2007, up 19.7 percent from 36,100 in December 2006. The national growth rate of online job postings was slower — 6 percent — during the same year-to-year period.

In Austin, the number of new ads was up 17.6 percent from 25,600 in December 2006.

The Conference Board generates a monthly report of help-wanted advertising in the nation’s newspapers.

5 thoughts on “Austin Job Market is Great”

  1. I’m actually watching the direction of AMD is taking. As many of you may know, they are not doing so hot. Many have predicted that AMD might crap out if they keep getting their product delayed and can’t compete with Intel in the processor market. The chance for them being bought out by a hidden player is still on the table. The consequence of that remain to be seen…

  2. I think the AMD move in Oak Hill (SW Austin) will positively affect our market in SW Austin. Despite their problems, that move is going forward. It should create additional housing demand as employees relocating from other states and even out of the country will be joining the group moving into the new Oak Hill facility.

  3. Yes AMD’s new headquarter on SW Parkway is wonderful. It energized many residents in that surrounding area. Let’s hope that AMD will pull through as both Dell and AMD are really the economic engines of Austin. Evidently, both companies are having some tough time right now. AMD’s decision of spending like crazy (building a new headquarter, buying a overpriced ATI) are hurting them badly. It’s almost like a classic underdog-win-a-battle-then-lost-its-mind kind of thing. They were looking so good just a couple of years ago. Now they look so bad. I wonder how could fortune got turned so fast…

  4. Note to all agents from a normally appreciative seller. If the appointed time slot requested for showing a house is missed, please do not show up hours later, let yourself and prospective buyer into house without calling first, and continue to show house regardless of the fact that seller is in the SHOWER!

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