Three Austin High Schools in Newsweek top 100 list

NEW YORK (Newsweek) – Fourteen Texas public schools were among the top 100 on Newsweek’s list of top U.S. high schools.

The schools were ranked according by the number of Advanced Placement, Intl. Baccalaureate and/or Cambridge tests taken by all students at a school in 2007 divided by the number of graduating seniors. All of the schools on the list have an index of at least 1.000.

* Talented and Gifted (Dallas) ranked second with an index of 15.953.
* Science/Engineering Magnet (Dallas) ranked fourth with an index of 10.245.
* Highland Park (Dallas) ranked 15th with an index of 6.035.
* North Hills Prep (Irving) ranked 18th with an index of 5.563.
* Communications Arts (San Antonio) ranked 26th with an index of 5.245.
* South Texas High School for Health Professions (Mercedes) ranked 44th with an index of 4.551.
* Science Academy of South Texas (Mercedes) ranked 46th with an index of 4.543.
* Westlake (Austin) ranked 52nd with an index of 4.331.
* Diamond Hill-Jarvis (Fort Worth) ranked 53rd with an index of 4.317.
* Westwood (Austin) ranked 77th with an index of 3.864.
* Paschal (Fort Worth) ranked 88th with an index of 3.705.
* Colleyville Heritage (Colleyville) ranked 94th with an index of 3.675.
* LBJ (Austin) ranked 95th with an index of 3.667.
* Bellaire (Bellaire) ranked 100th with an index of 3.608.

3 thoughts on “Three Austin High Schools in Newsweek top 100 list”

  1. Not sure why Austin is in brackets next to Westlake High School. For you out-of-town readers, Westlake High School is in the Eanes ISD and not Austin ISD. The same is true for Westwood High, it is in the Round Rock ISD, not Austin ISD.

  2. Westwood High is in RRISD, but has an Austin address. Eanes also has an Austin address. I don’t think this was a “school district” comparison so much as an area overview.

  3. Although that looks great on paper, it leaves other excellent schools out as it is just one small measure of performance. It also tells how many students took the tests, but says nothing about results. Anyone looking at school performance needs to dig deeper. I’m not saying that these aren’t great schools, jus that others like Lake Travis get left out.


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