Never a Dull Moment in Austin Real Estate

squirrel in austin home for saleIf you are looking for an interesting, versatile, challenging and very rewarding career, where each day brings something new, then look no further. Real estate is the job for you!

I never fail to be amazed at how wonderful this job is and how there is never a dull moment! Every time I take someone out to look at houses I am filled with anticipation about what interesting thing or event might happen next!

Last week I was showing houses to a nice young couple, and as we walked up the stairs and turned down the hall into a bedroom, the husband noticed something sitting on the window sill. “Is it alive?” he asked.

The wife and I stepped closer to what looked like a statue of a small furry squirrel. Just as we did, it turned and started running straight toward us. We (the wife and I) screamed and jumped up and down in terror. I really came “unglued”, as Steve would say. The husband meanwhile had a good laugh.

After we left, I called the listing agent to let him know that there was a live squirrel running around in the house. I have run across many pets in over 22 years of showing houses in Austin, but somehow, I did not get the impression that this one was domesticated!

Another recent and pretty funny story happened just a couple of days ago. Another one of my buyers called and wanted to look at a house that she said looked “amazing” in the pictures.

I looked at the pictures and, well…, the home looked a little “gaudy” to me, but not everyone has my taste, so I agreed to meet her and view the house.

When we arrived, there was a grey haired man standing at the front door smoking a cigarette and as we approached the door he threw it down and stomped on it saying “I never smoke in the house!” He then took it upon himself to give us “the tour”.

Upon looking at the house I decided “gaudy” was definately an understatement. This place looked like it could be a Las Vegas show house, or a gambling joint! It was the “anti-staged” home. There were Grecian columns everywhere and black marble lined the walls. It was incredible! Archways, mirrors, secret doorways…I kid you not! The man took great pleasure in showing us all the details! Then he showed us pictures of his “show” days when he was a dancer and entertainer.

The best part was when he did his magic tricks! This entertaining man showed us many cool tricks, and took great pride in doing so! My clients loved it and we had a great time.

My clients looked at me as we were walking out the door and asked, “Has this ever happened to you in all your years of showing real estate?” I let them know that every day is an exciting adventure. Really it is!

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