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Vacation Rentals in Austin – Good or Bad?

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Last week I attended the VRBO “stakeholder’s meeting” held by the city of Austin. The meeting was the first in response to growing complaints from neighborhood groups and individuals about the┬áburgeoning┬áVRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner) business in Austin. There were over 100 attendees representing both sides of the debate, as well as some just there […]

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The Best time to Plant a Tree in Austin

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The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now. ~Chinese Proverb I ran across this quote on Facebook about a week ago and it struck me how true this is! Especially now, in the cold of winter in Texas, it is time to plant your trees. All […]

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Posted by Sylvia
9 years ago

Austin Rental Market – 2010 Update

Average and median rents for homes in Austin continued to rise in 2010, but still remain lower then the peak in 2001. Hard to believe, but rents in Austin are still lower than 10 years ago. As indicated by the graph above, rental rates in Austin topped out in 2001 with the Tech bubble and […]

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Austin Job Growth 2011

job growth in austin

Austin was recently featured on the CBS Evening News as the city with the strongest job growth in the U.S. This is somewhat of an “all sunshine” puff piece, but it nevertheless highlights some of the good things happening in Austin. Job growth drives real estate demand, so if this year keeps heading in the […]

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