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Austin Fence Dramas – Dealing With Unreasonable Neighbors

Austin Fence

Most homes in Austin have fenced back yards. Most fences are built on the┬áproperty┬áline. The standard wood fence lasts about 8-15 years before it needs replacing (less if it’s a cheap starter home fence). Usually, when replacement is needed, reasonable neighbors work it out and get it done, sharing materials and labor in a way […]

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Staying in Touch with Past Clients without being a Pest

One of the toughest things to balance as an Austin Realtor is finding the right frequency and methods for staying in touch with our past clients. On the one hand, we have the National Association of Realtor (NAR) surveys of buyers and sellers showing that over 90% of real estate consumers never hear from their […]

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Dear AT&T, I Received Your Love Letter

Goodbye AT&T

Dear AT&T, Thank you for the nice letter you sent me after I terminated my business phone service with you and switched to Ring Central. I had no idea I was such a coveted customer. You did such a good job of fooling me into thinking I wasn’t important through your nearly 20 years of […]

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Renting to Those Displaced by Austin Fires

I’ve received a couple of calls already from agents trying to help folks displaced by the recent fires in and around Austin, including the Steiner Ranch fire and the fires in Bastrop. I currently have one vacant home ready for move-in, and would be more than happy to place new tenants in it immediately. But […]

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