How and Where to Pay Your Rent

Updated Jan 2015

This post is to make you aware of the different choices available for paying rent as a Crossland Real Estate Tenant.

This free online service is now required, per all lease agreements with Crossland Real Estate. It’s simple and user-friendly. You can pay by eCheck (online Check) for free (we absorb the fees) or, in an emergency, use a Credit Card. There is a third party fee for using a credit card, depending on which type of card you use.

From your PayLease profile you can set up auto-pay or a monthly reminder email with a payment link. Paylease also has toll free support in case you ever have a problem. You can get to the payment site from this link or from the Tenant menu above. 

Regular mail – If you mail your rent, there will be a $5 processing/handling fee, per your lease agreement. We will accept and post the payment, but you will be assessed the fee. You can mail your monthly check or money order payable to “Crossland Real Estate” to our mailing address at 5307 W Highway 290, Bldg B, Ste 2, Austin TX 78735. If you set up through your bank’s billpay or other service, make sure to allow enough mailing time (5 days) for arrival on or before the 1st. We highly encourage you to instead use the free service we provide through Paylease.

Personal Delivery – We do not have a 24/7 dropbox set up. Plase pay electronically, online, as described above. If for some reason you need to personally drop off a payment, call 512-327-3900 for instructions.

Thanks for being a Tenant customer of Crossland Real Estate. Feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

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