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My Interview on Keye42 News last night

I received a call from a KEYE42 News reporter yesterday wanting to interview me about the impact on gas prices on suburban areas further away from Austin. I said “ok”. The link to the piece they showed is below. Keye42 Real Estate Interview The interesting thing to me about these interviews is how the final […]

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Location now has more weight in home selection

I have my first anecdotal evidence that gas prices will hurt values in far flung areas and help real estate values in closer areas of Austin. I just helped someone relocate from Wimberley to Austin. The reason for the move? Gas prices have made the commute costs unacceptable. For this individual, the tipping point was […]

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Gas Price Pain – Media Hype and Consumer Illusion?

I just bought a new 2008 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab and have been taking some heat for it from friends and on this blog where I wrote about the purchase experience, how I got a great deal, and the experience of interfacing with dealerships. The main themes: “How shortsighted”, “wouldn’t a smaller vehicle have worked?”, […]

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