Huttoparke Problems Continue, Values Suffer

Huttoparke in Hutto TX It is with great fascination that I first saw last year Huttoparke home owners made sure that everyone knew how poorly their homes were built. They may have had no choice but to bring public attention to the problems they were having. The homeowners felt that Lennar was unresponsive to their complaints about poor construction quality. Lennar Homes did have some major problems with sheetrock cracking, foundation movement, and crumbling driveways as Huttoparke is built upon the clay farmland soil prevalent east of IH35 in Austin, and these homes were apparently not built with sufficient consideration given to the implications of expansive soil.

Today, yet another Huttoparke story in the Austin Statesman brings attention to the construction quality problems of the neighborhood, and reminds me why I don’t sell homes in these types of subdivisions in the first place. Never have, never will. We refer buyers who want those homes to other Realtors, mainly because I don’t want to sell poor product.

If you’ve followed my blog or read our investment page, you know that Sylvia and I believe, for most buyers, especially those seeking stability and appreciation, a home in an established neighborhood is a safer real estate purchase than venturing out to buy a new starter home on the edge of sprawl.

The reason is that you never know for sure what you’re getting into when you buy in these fast growing new starter home subdivisions. In this case, in Huttoparke, you would be living/owning a home in a neighborhood where the home owners have resorted to picketing the builder, putting signs in their yard to let everyone know how poorly built the homes are, plastering their vehicles with anti-builder messages, setting up websites to warn other buyers not to buy there, and in general driving their property values into the ground.

Let’s see what property values have done in Huttoparke the past few years:

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