Austin MLS Now Allows 25 Photos – Too Many?

Our Austin MLS system now allows up to 25 photos to be included with each Austin MLS listing. That’s too many, I dare say. Sometimes I have a hard time even coming up with 12 (the previous limit) photos that are MLS-worthy to include with a listing.

Not that twenty-five Austin MLS photos won’t be appreciated by some listing surfers, but I predict we’re going to end up with a whole lot of crappy photos saying “3rd bedroom” and showing a vanilla wall with a window. Or we’ll start seeing a photo of the doggie door, or the mailbox, or, one of my favorites “front door”, as agents stretch to find additional shots to fill the bucket with all 25 photos.

How many areas of interest are there in a home anyway? We have the kitchen, living(s), dining(s), baths, bedrooms, exterior front and back and … uhh … let’s see, I guess that’s about it.

That would cover 12 shots in a standard 3 bedroom home with 2 living areas, 2 dining and 2 baths. What shall we serve up for the additional 13 photos? We’ll also be seeing a lot of photos that say “another view of kitchen”, which I actually do sometimes already when I’ve run out of interesting or worthy shots. I guess that’s ok. But come on.

An aside: Does doubling the number of MLS photos have any affect on our carbon footprint? Just wondering. I’ll bet it does in various secondary ways. That’s gonna have to use up a lot of extra hard disk space and bandwidth. But I digress.

But here’s the thing. As a buyer surfing Austin real estate listings online, you can only ascertain so much about a property from photos.

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Austin MLXChange MLS Software Still Falls Short

Marketlinx MLXChange Software

I just finished running my stats for my Austin Rental Market update. This month I only had to report three listings to the Austin Board of Realtors which had bogus and incorrect data. Check the screen shot above to see the sort of thing Austin Realtors deal with on a regular basis.

Hopefully if you have an agent running a Market Analysis for you, he or she is keenly aware that the data from MLXChange cannot be trusted. It needs to be double checked before you rely on it. How would you like to go into an important math test with a calculator that spits out bad answers? Well, imagine trying to be an effective Realtor with an MLS System that spits out bad data.

As agents, we really have to pay attention to the MLS data from MLXChange. I always have a calculator at my side when crunching numbers because the MarketLinx MLXChange MLS system for Austin cranks out unreliable results. I could make 10 screenshots like the one above with other examples of miscaluculated data, the most frustrating of which is incorrect price per square foot calculations.

Those price per sqaure foot amounts you see above?… they are incorrect. I should have circled those in red also for the screen shot. Divide the average square foot Sold/Leased price by the average square foot amount from the colums to the left and the number is way off. They’ve had 6 months to fix this and it still produces incorrect values.

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