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Austin Lease Extensions Depend on Timing and Season

As we head into the Spring/Summer leasing season in Austin, and I just mailed my first batch of renewal letters, I’m already fielding inquiries from tenants who have lease-end dates that don’t coincide with their future plans.  The inevitable question is “can we have a move-out date of x instead of y? For one tenant, […]

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How to Find and Lease a Rent House in Austin TX

As the listing agent for a lot of rental homes in Austin (for over 20 years), I’ve been dealing lately with a lot of really angry, frustrated renters and agents. The reason for the upset is primarily the renter losing a home to other (multiple) applicants who applied quicker and/or had their act more together. […]

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Understanding Austin TX Lease Agreements

This year I leased 36 homes through the Austin MLS, plus some that never made it into the MLS. So probably 40+ leases this year. I would have leased another one and moved the people in this Friday the 30th, but they refused to sign the lease, so it didn’t happen. A lease starts with […]

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Austin Fence Dramas – Dealing With Unreasonable Neighbors

Austin Fence

Most homes in Austin have fenced back yards. Most fences are built on the property line. The standard wood fence lasts about 8-15 years before it needs replacing (less if it’s a cheap starter home fence). Usually, when replacement is needed, reasonable neighbors work it out and get it done, sharing materials and labor in a way […]

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Renting to Those Displaced by Austin Fires

I’ve received a couple of calls already from agents trying to help folks displaced by the recent fires in and around Austin, including the Steiner Ranch fire and the fires in Bastrop. I currently have one vacant home ready for move-in, and would be more than happy to place new tenants in it immediately. But […]

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