Austin Residential Leasing Services

Do you manage your own rental property but need help locating new tenants and completing the proper lease paperwork? Our lease-only service is for owners of rental property in Austin who self-manage but still appreciate help locating quality tenants. Out-of-town landlords especially value this service. We’ve leased to thousands of tenants in Austin since 1990.

What we do for Lease-only service …

  • Preview your home and make recommendations for any needed work prior to leasing.
  • Provide you with a list of trusted vendors for any work you need to complete.
  • Take pictures for marketing purposes.
  • List your home For Lease in the Austin MLS, providing access to all Austin Realtors and their relocation clients. More than half of our homes lease through another MLS agent, so this exposure is very important to you.
  • Place a sign in the yard with our phone number and website address.
  • List your home in Our Listings on our website with photos, full description and map.
  • Place an ad in Craigslist. This is hit-or-miss, but it’s free so we always place the ad.
  • Screen interested renter prospects before showing the property, weeding out those who don’t meet basic criteria or pet restrictions.
  • Show the property and answer any questions the prospect may have about the process or the property.
  • Gather and process application paperwork and deposits.
  • Run credit check, criminal background search, Texas eviction history search, verify rental referrences and employement and generally evaluate the applicants for suitability and qualifications.
  • Present the processed application information to you for a decision. Often, the decision is easy as the applicant has good credit, good rental history, adequate income and meets other requirements such as pet restrictions. Other times, the applicant may have poor credit but good rental history and a new job. Those applications require further discussion and consultation with you.
  • Prepare the Lease and coordinate move-in.

It’s a turnkey service. You end up receiving a new lease, properly written on forms that protect you, and we turn the tenant over to you after move-in.

Don’t make the biggest mistake most landlords make by putting tenants into your property without having them properly screened and checked out. It is much easier, and cheaper in the long run when you factor in your time and the added risk, to let us do the work for you.

Contact us today to discuss whether we can handle the leasing needs for your rental property.